Rebuilding the Realms of Twilight

Howdy folks! Sorry about the lack of posts here lately, the job has had me stretched pretty thin when it comes to time, so my next (and final) Ghartha post will be just a little bit. I also have a review of the Role Playing game Yellow Dawn by author David J Roger which will be coming before that (a very nicely detailed setting and system), so keep an eye out!


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I did want to give notice about a KickStarter I’m pretty excited about. The Realms of Twilight is a campaign world for Pathfinder created by Silver Crescent Publishing that offers a unique and dark twist on the usual epic fantasy fare. As I’m sure you’re aware, I like my fantasy pretty dark. The original product was a quality third party campaign setting, so having a new version coming out that really digs into the history of Relistan and offers a whole host of new goodies is pretty exciting. This is the sort of product I usually put in for, and is the sort of product that I hope to be one day making.

There are 13 days to go as of this writing, and it definitely needs some love. If the original product is any indication, then this is almost certainly worth your time.

Oh, did I mention that Ed Greenwood would be making an appearance as a guest author?

Anyway, just wanted to try and spread the word about this because this sort of third party RPG support is really my favorite thing about the hobby as a whole. I hope you back it, or at least go check it out.

Until next time, au revoir!

Ghartha, the Tomb-World IV (and Collaboration!)

Firstly, apologies for my lateness on this post. I’ve had to transfer to a different work location as my old one has closed down, and I had to help close it, so time became very scarce in the last week or so. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent now that I’ve settled. We’ll see.

I divine one more post about Ghartha after this one, and I invite you to collaborate on this post with me! I’ll be listing some adventure locations, and if you’re inspired to write one in the comments I’ll add it to list!

I’m really excited about this setting and may use it as my main Dungeons and Dragons Next setting come August, or at least as one of them. After the last post of Ghartha, I’ll be working on an update of my Airship Rules, unifying them into a single post and simplifying the mechanics for better ease of use as well as offering more options for designs and stuff. Sound fun?


Ghartha, The Tomb-World IV

Adventuring in the Tomb-World

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Ghartha, The Tomb-World III

In this part of the Ghartha series, I wanted to explore Ghartha through the classic class system of Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially, I wanted to list each class and describe how something like that might fit into the world. Sometimes the fit is seamless, and other times some edges needed smoothing. I also wanted to talk a bit more about magic before talking about how the classes of D&D fit into Ghartha. If you want to use this world without a D&D system, by all means do so! This post might, however, give you a good idea about some of the peoples and characters you might find in the tomb-world.

My next post later in the week I think I’m going to talk a bit more about how people survive in the eternal darkness of Ghartha. tl:dr: glow sticks!

350px-Tovenaarsleerling_S_Barth(Illustration from around 1882 by S. Barth)

Ghartha, the Tomb-World III

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Ghartha, The Tomb-World II

I’ve been brain storming about this setting, and I think I’m going to extend it into three or four parts. In this part, I was trying to come up with ways to incorporate the typical Dungeons and Dragons races into the setting. I could leave them out and make it very system neutral, but I had some neat ideas (in my own humble opinion),  so I decided to make them their own separate post. If you want to use a system and make this setting human only beyond the nasties in the world, then simply leave this part out.

Let’s just jump right into it, shall we?



Ghartha, The Tomb-World II

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Ghartha, The Tomb-World I

The idea of subterranean civilization is a powerful one to me. The impossibility coupled with the mystery of what lies beneath the earth has always attracted me to this rather niche trope in both fantasy and outlandish conspiracy theory. Writers like HP Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard used it effectively, and even artists and musicians like Miles Davis referenced the ‘Hollow Earth’ in their works as a spiritual symbol.

This world setting is one that exists completely underground, in large chambers or claustrophobic tunnels. It draws inspiration from the previously mentioned authors and their peers, as well as medieval mysticism and general themes of occultism. It’s a dangerous place, with societies huddled around glowing noxious vents for life support. Rampant religiosity is the engine of civilization, with many of the city-states ruled by classes of priests who leverage their positions with hidden knowledge and wisdom. Sacrificial rites are not uncommon, and are for the most part seen as necessary to appease those that dwell beyond the light of the vents, in the untouched darkness of the deep world.

This first part will overview the setting and focus on a city-state in particular, as well as mention some of the dangers of the world. The second part later this week will talk more about the application of this setting for your role playing game. Enjoy!


Ghartha, The Tomb-World

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Kickstarter Launched

Role Play Craft:

Just backed this on Kickstarter. This is a good bunch of dudes with an awesome sounding game. Price of admission is pretty nice too. Back it!

Originally posted on VOID:

Svet_final Our Kickstarter has launched!!! You can find our campaign at  (or you can click the Kickstarter image in the corner of the page)!

We welcome your support and your feedback as we begin the crowd-funding process for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game! Thank you so much for Tweeting, Facebook-ing, Reblogging, and all other forms of sharing our game with the world! We could not do this without you!

We have also updated the Flyer for any that would like to share it in your local gaming stores. We have had many post this already around the USA and would love to have additional support in spreading the word about our efforts with VOID.

We hope you enjoy our project page, reward levels, and are excited about our stretch goals!

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Plans and More Plans

Just a quick little post here.

I’ve been working on the way the site looks a little bit. I put in some menus up top to filter my posts by their categories, so if you’re looking for a setting or an adventure it’s just a button click to what you seek. I’m also messing around with the theme and stuff. Let me know what you think, will you?

I also decided to register a personal domain, ( was sadly taken by a minecraft server) so I can better mess with all that. Anyway, boring stuff.

I’m currently in the process of developing and expanding my Hollypond Vale adventure series into a more complete adventure, more along the lines of the sandbox style of Wine for Idleberry. You might notice that I hid those posts for this reason. I’d like to make this adventure into a downloadable PDF, either for free or as a self-published product through a site like DriveThruRPG. It’s a pretty big endeavor, one that I’m not exactly prepared for. I’m not really sure what program to even use to begin making a role playing book product. Is there something you guys can recommend? I know a lot of you have released some very spiffy PDFs so I’m hoping to learn your secrets. I’m also hoping to avoid photoshop.

If I do go the self-publish and sell route (I’m not sure at all at the moment), then I intend on commissioning art for it. I am blessed to know some great artists, and they will hopefully be glad to be paid to make some art. It really depends on the quality of the adventure itself. If I feel it doesn’t meet the standard of work of something you’d find self-published on a site like DriveThruRPG then I’ll just make a plain PDF and release it for free on here. We shall see!

Anyway, any wisdom or advice you might have for me would be one hundred percent appreciated. Thanks!

Wine for Idleberry II

This is a continuation of the preceding post, Wine for Idleberry Part I. In this adventure, the party is hired and sent north by Lord Ramsus of Idleberry, a minor fiefdom. Their quest is to retrieve any casks of Kellitesian Wine that might be in the ruins of an ancient fort that lies in the Skywhite Mountain Pass.  Part I detailed Oak Hill, a town on the way, as well as the surrounding moors. This part II will detail the ruins of Skywhite Pass.

Adventure: Wine for Idleberry, Part II

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Wine for Idleberry I

This post is my attempt at making a more free form sort of adventure, something that needs to be taken and adapted to whatever system you’re using. Rather than being linear, the focus is on exploration, or having the players act on their own, besides the initial push of putting them on the road north through Oak Hill. This will be a two part post, with the first post detailing Oak Hill and the moorlands of the region. The second post will detail Skywhite Pass and the ruins, though the players may end up going to the ruins straight away, so the two posts aren’t necessarily sequential.

This adventure is pretty simple. I didn’t want to overthink it, or over detail it, wanting instead to practice making something a little more freeform than what I’ve done before with posts on here. You’ll also note that I’ve avoided using ‘boxed text’ or speak a loud text. While I love this text, again I wanted to experiment a bit outside my comfort zone. Also, there’s no maps, as usual.

(Quick note: I’m still working on a discussion post about magic, but it’s taking me awhile, so I took a break to write this. Also, consider contributing to The Greenwheel Carnival post!)

In the minor fiefdom Idleberry, Lord Ramsus is a seeker of rare wines and spirits. He will often find willing hirelings to seek out and deliver to him such treasures as he can find information or rumor of. In this adventure, he has hired out the party of PC’s to travel north, through the town of Oak Hill, to the ruins of an old fort in Skywhite Pass on the very small chance that somewhere within the ruins might be some unbroken casks or bottles of Kellitesian Wine, left over from the centuries dead kingdom of Hertos.

Oak Hill itself, however, has problems of its own, and the ruins aren’t exactly unoccupied…


Wine for Idleberry, Part I

A System Neutral Role Playing Adventure

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Reminder and Call to Arms (Keyboards?)

Hello gang! I just wanted to remind, or let you know, that I’ve got a fun little collaboration going on with another post here: The Greenwheel Carnival. Essentially I wanted to come up with a fun setting/playset that you can insert into your role playing game that was a collaboration of other fans of role playing games, just to see what kind of whacky stuff we can come up with.

There have been a couple of great additions already from bloggers you should check out. If you’ve got the want and will, please assist us in coming up with something fun! I plan on using the ideas in a session sometime in the future, and I hope you would want to do the same. Also, your contribution can be anything from an encounter, a stall at the carnival, anything really. Maybe a ditty?

I look forward to your contribution. Thanks!

In future news, I am slowly working on a bigger blog entry about Magic in role playing games. I want it to be good, so it’ll be a little before I post it.