Bridgetown II: Adventure Ideas

I originally had something else planned for this post, but decided it might be fun to expand on Bridgetown a little bit with some quick adventure ideas. These aren’t complete adventures, mind you. They’re just hooks and suggestions that are a little bit more substantial than the small list in the first post. If you like Bridgetown and you want some adventuring ideas, read on!

Adventures in Bridgetown


Adventurers will find Bridgtown ripe with opportunities. It has rather lax laws, being independent and thus not under the influence of any kingdom. It has a robust set of guilds as well as plenty of wealthy benefactors. It is a center of trade. And most of all, it has great need of armed men and women.

Idea I: Guild Charter

The Explorer’s Guild and the Hireling Guild are structured in such a way that members of the guild often work in small groups together. These groups are ‘chartered’, meaning the guild members have to present a charter to the respective guild with their names as well as general goals. Chartered members have access to the contract auction, then, or can receive contracts directly from people. Either way, a small portion of their payment goes to the guild.

The idea would be that the group of characters could be a newly chartered group. You could have them pick a small shabby base in The Grift somewhere, and then give them three or four contracts that they can choose from. You can then structure your campaign for them to gain prestige in the guild, as well as gain resources such as a better base of operations and amenities at their disposal (such as a personal smithy and stables, etc.) The feeling of growth as a party can be a fun way to play a campaign. You can also thread a campaign arc on top of this if you wish, switching between unconnected contracts and the main “story” as you see fit. This can be an exciting way to get into the power game of Bridgetown.

Idea II: Trader Merchants

For a campaign that relies less on combat and more on role playing and discussion, you could have the players be a beginning trader outfit. Similar to the above idea, they could be new members of the Merchants Guild. You could give them some beginning trade goods, and have them work the markets there getting a good deal, or else leaving Bridgetown to sell items that are common to Bridgetown but rare elsewhere. You could then have them as they gain wealth be able to buy an actual shop and employees to free them up to find trade opportunities. This could include hiring members of the Explorer’s guild, or else going to explore ruins and such themselves.

Idea III: The Thing in the Sewers

This a bit more defined.

There has been a rash of attacks and disappearances in the Purple Quarter, especially among the laborers. Whatever is attacking, however, has managed to stay out of sight. If the players investigate, they can find out that this is because the thing is using the extensive sewers to it’s advantage.

This presents several opportunities. You could make the sessions a blend of exploration, investigation, and combat if they run across things in the sewer. The thing could be a failed experiment from the university, or even some benign thing mutated by the magics present here. Or else it could be a summoned creature, exacting revenge for someone or something.

I had used this idea in my beta test, and the thing ended up being a summoned thing by a small circle of river halfling cultists. They had summoned the thing to exact revenge on a particularly cruel wizard who abused his laborers, who were mostly halflings, but the thing went out of control. The players ended up using the thing to frame and imprison the wizard, who was involved in the overall political plot of the campaign.

Idea IV: Iceheart’s Revenge

This idea would be for more high levelled characters, late in the campaign. After gaining the trust of City Councillor Nelle the Iceheart, she could confide in the characters the reasons for her infirmity.

She will tell them that she was once a street orphan in the Grift, living day to day begging and stealing as a young child. She was one night kidnapped, however, by strange men, and brought to a secret room in some place in the city. There they performed experiments on her and other children, shocking her with magic or forcing her to drink potions that distorted her mind and body.

Eventually during one experiment, something backfired. It was some sort of anti-magic experiment, where they had imbued her with rays of some sort of energy for hours and then threw powerful spells at her. Something happened that caused her to become essentially a magical negative well, sucking it within herself. Magic wouldn’t work on her anymore. However, after taking so much spells, she somehow managed to throw the magic back at them, causing an explosion and allowing her to escape.

She spent the rest of her life studying lore and rising through the ranks of scholars. She came from nothing, but imbued with some strange power as well as a now vast intellect she was able to become a premiere intellectual, eventually even becoming a city councillor. The entire time, she says, she has been gathering information on her captors, their peers, their reasons, and their current locations.

It will turn out being a few different members of the city elite, who apparently still involve themselves in experiments for entertainment. The location of the experiments is still unknown she says.

She wants the players to then engage in a series of skullduggery plots. She wants the people behind this more than simply killed; she wants them brought low with scandal and embarrassment. She wants them to suffer, and never know why. That is until the very end.

This will provide the players with a series of fun adventures outside the norm. Essentially they will be engaging in their own Count of Monte Cristo style plots.

Well, these are the ones I had been stewing around with in my mind. What do you think? What are some ideas of your own?

This was certainly a shorter post. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Bridgetown II: Adventure Ideas

  1. A good series of adventure ideas. I especially like the idea of a ‘chartered’ adventuring group that has to answer to the bureaucracy of a guild for it’s actions.

    “Did you fill out requisite form 2AC for goblinslaying?”
    “No, we only brought the paperwork for kobold-smashing.”
    “Line 16. Next!”


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