Reminder and Call to Arms (Keyboards?)

Hello gang! I just wanted to remind, or let you know, that I’ve got a fun little collaboration going on with another post here: The Greenwheel Carnival. Essentially I wanted to come up with a fun setting/playset that you can insert into your role playing game that was a collaboration of other fans of role playing games, just to see what kind of whacky stuff we can come up with.

There have been a couple of great additions already from bloggers you should check out. If you’ve got the want and will, please assist us in coming up with something fun! I plan on using the ideas in a session sometime in the future, and I hope you would want to do the same. Also, your contribution can be anything from an encounter, a stall at the carnival, anything really. Maybe a ditty?

I look forward to your contribution. Thanks!

In future news, I am slowly working on a bigger blog entry about Magic in role playing games. I want it to be good, so it’ll be a little before I post it.

Religion, Ideology, and Philosophy in a Role Playing Campaign

When it comes to world building, one of the first things I look at when designing civilizations and groups of people are primary motivations. These are usually connected to religion and philosophy. I find, however, that many people are uncomfortable with delving too deep into that territory when it comes to role playing games. Either because they find it boring (most likely), or because the relationship between fantasy role playing and real life religion has been tenuous in the past. (Though, you should keep in mind that this is all anecdotal.)

When I think about the common equivalent or analogous era and human time frame of fantasy role playing, that is the medieval era of Europe, I find it very difficult to ignore religion, seeing as how throughout most of it religion was one of, if not the, primary motivation for a lot of what happened.

In this discussion, I want to talk about how I approach (or want to approach) religion, ideology, and philosophy when it comes to world building, as well as why I think it’s important to think about for fully fleshed out worlds. I would also, of course, love to hear your personal opinions and advice when it comes to this subject.



Religion, Ideology, and Philosophy in a Role Playing Campaign

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The Greenwheel Carnival

I’ve decided to try something a little different this time. I thought it might be fun to try a collaborative effort with my fellow bloggers! Essentially what I will do is give a bit of information about something, in this instance The Greenwheel Carnival, and then ask you to come up with some fun encounters, settings, NPCs, stories, or any other thing you can think of that would involve the carnival. I will then add these to the post as they come in! Sound like fun? I really hope you come up with something! Serious or comedic, light or heavy, bring it on! If this works out well, then I might make it a regular thing, perhaps once a month or so. But first, the Carnival…


The Greenwheel Carnival: A Collaboration Prompt

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The Adoshen Archipelago

The following setting is actually a micro setting I made for an arc inside the shared world of a group of friends. I wanted it to be tucked away and insular from the main happenings of the shared world (which has a long and rich history of longer than a real life decade), and decided the best way to do that would be to make the figurative literal and make it an island setting.

I drew from real life sources for a lot of the setting ¬†(the main two being Southern India as well as Polynesia), as well as fictional (the main two of that being the Earthsea novels as well as the video game Chrono Cross). One big motivation for this setting was wanting to do something that was exotic, and that was also sand-boxish in that the party could travel the islands on their own little vessel. The arc didn’t last very long, but I always enjoyed what I had made, and have decided to present it to you (with additions) as a setting idea that you can hopefully take and run with. Rather than a well developed setting, I want to provide it as more a skeleton that you can add on to.

So, tucked somewhere in the subtropical zone of your campaign world, there may be a set of islands. Far away from civilized kingdoms, separated by leagues of cerulean ocean, they lay spread out like green crystals across a blue table. There are many of them, some as small as a little hill in the water. Others are large, hosting great mountains, forests, and jungles. The southern islands are rimmed with bright white sand, and throughout the whole of the kingdom the smell of spice and fruit permeates like an exotic perfume.

Here is Adosh, archipelago of the joyful fat dragon.




The Adoshen Archipelago

A Campaign Setting Idea

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