Reminder and Call to Arms (Keyboards?)

Hello gang! I just wanted to remind, or let you know, that I’ve got a fun little collaboration going on with another post here: The Greenwheel Carnival. Essentially I wanted to come up with a fun setting/playset that you can insert into your role playing game that was a collaboration of other fans of role playing games, just to see what kind of whacky stuff we can come up with.

There have been a couple of great additions already from bloggers you should check out. If you’ve got the want and will, please assist us in coming up with something fun! I plan on using the ideas in a session sometime in the future, and I hope you would want to do the same. Also, your contribution can be anything from an encounter, a stall at the carnival, anything really. Maybe a ditty?

I look forward to your contribution. Thanks!

In future news, I am slowly working on a bigger blog entry about Magic in role playing games. I want it to be good, so it’ll be a little before I post it.

3 thoughts on “Reminder and Call to Arms (Keyboards?)

  1. Definitely want to get involved in this when I have more time. I think I will follow bia’s example and reblog this on voidrpg. 😀


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