Reviewing Yellow Dawn: The Age of Hastur

Full disclosure: Back around the beginning of March, I was researching medieval mysticism, woodcuts, and tomes for my Ghartha series when I came across a blog post by David J. Rodger, discussing the Polanski film The Ninth Gate. It was a well written post (and made me go look up the movie and watch it on Netflix) and I liked what David was talking about, so I left a comment and followed the blog.

Soon after, he got a hold of me and asked if I’d write up a piece about his game Yellow Dawn¬†(34.53USD), and I agreed, so he sent me a copy. This was in mid-March, and when I received the book I was surprised by two things: One, how highly detailed and complete the game system and setting were; two: this is the work of one dude. The credits mention playtesters, but the entirety of the system and writing is the work of David Rodger himself.

And that is insane. This book is highly detailed, featuring everything you need system wise, setting wise, with a healthy number of appendices and tables. The editing seems great. I just can’t wrap my head around the amount of work this game must have had put into it. Most definitely it’s a labor of love.

I was a little nervous when the game was on it’s way that it wouldn’t be good, to be honest. I’m a supporter of Indie game development (as it is something I want to get into), but I understand that for every gem there are five pieces of coal, so to speak. Luckily, I soon realized this was one of the gems. Not simply because it’s a good system, but because of the amount of value that you can get out of it even for other games.

As a quick note, I abhor numerical or graded reviews. Opinions are far too subjective for those to be worth a damn, so I’ll present to you what I think and hopefully that helps you make an informed decision about purchasing this game.

Shall we get into it?

Yellow Dawn Cover
Yellow Dawn Cover Art

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