National Novel Writing Month

So, every year for five years so far, I participate in National Novel Writing Month. It is where many people attempt to write 50,000 words in the span of the month of November. It’s crazy, it’s exciting, and it’s fun.

More: here.

Anyway, this probably means I won’t have much to update with this month (I do not believe I had a single update the entire month of November last time), so this year what I’ll do is preview some of what I am writing! Since it will be a Role Playing Game project, it’ll fit right in.

Those of you who’ve followed me for a little bit will know about my world Ghartha, from these four posts:1, 2, 3, and 4. Well, for Nanowrimo this year, I’ve decided to spend the 50,000 words on an actual source book for Ghartha, expanding and adding onto a lot of the ideas I came up with in those posts.

Much of what I’ll be doing in November will be flavor and descriptive text, and coming up with mechanics in December after I get my hands on the Dungeon Masters Guide. I have the book outlined into 3 parts, and have a pretty good idea of what I want to get into, so hopefully I’ll be able to write this November like a bat out of hell.

Anyhow, here’s a preview flavor text that I’ve already written. Keep in mind it’s pretty much unedited!

Dyer the Goldtooth watched from a safe vantage point further up the crag wall. His workers, Macedians all, chiseled at the flat brittle rock below him. They were held aloft by a wooden construction that was little more than a platform held up with spikes and rope. He chewed at a dried chunk of larkum as he watched.

The crag had been mostly unexplored until his group came. It was near a major city-state, reachable from a major traveling tunnel, but the citizens of that megalopolis avoided it, deeming it a cursed place. Dyer figured this was because the place was pretty naturally dangerous. He had lost two workers already who had lost their footing and plunged into the darkness below. The others had grumbled about this, but he threatened and cajoled them as he always did. Macedian halflings were cheap, but required a certain amount of firmness to get them to work.

It was a huge canyon, an opening in the earth that was only open to a few tunnels and was otherwise enclosed. It probably held water at some point, was Dyer’s thought. And hopefully there was some still around. Finding a good source of water, this close to a City-state, could mean his fortune. He could even pay off the Macedians and send them on their way, finding better and more professional help.

He was picking a piece of the dried orlab meat from between two of his golden teeth when one of the halflings gave a cry. He looked down, bracing himself on a wooden beam, to see one yelling and motioning to the others, and they rushing toward him, causing their long platform to sway precariously over the yawning dark abyss.

“Careful!” Dyer said, but his voice was immediately drowned out. The place where the halfling had been chiseling suddenly cracked with a dull thundering sound, the shale rock sliding away. Another crack, and suddenly the crag was filled with bright light. Dyer was blinded for a moment, and brought a hand to his eyes. After a moment, Dyer could see through watery eyes as a liquid substance of almost pure bright light spurted out of the rock, showering the Macedians. The light burned away their flesh as soon as it touched, and their screams filled the canyon and his ears. Those that were not immediately incinerated scrambled and fell, screaming all the way down the bottomless crag.

The bright liquid, almost white in its intensity, gave a few more spurts before it slowed to a solid flow, dribbling out of the rock wall. The worker’s platform had been burned into two swinging pieces, now smoking and scorched. Dyer was mesmerized the entire time, clutching his handrail until his knuckles were white.

“Nura,” he said, reverently whispering to himself. He had not found water, but something far more valuable. Light itself.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed that. Look for more updates, as Role Play Craft becomes for this month a bit of a developer’s diary on the whole process. Next time I’ll share my proposed outline for the book! Take care until then, and seriously consider joining up and doing Nano with me this year. If you do, add me as a writing buddy! My username is Number1TheLarch.

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