Review: Easy Roller Dice

A good Wednesday to you RPC faithful! You like reviews don’t you? Of course you do. So here’s one about dice.

Mike over at Easy Roller Dice sent me an email asking if I could review some of their products and being very much like a hoarding dragon when it comes to dice, I gave a fervent yes. I hadn’t used their dice before this (I probably own ten or more sets of dice, and I’m betting they’re all Chessex) so I was pretty interested in seeing how they’d turn out.

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As Above, So Below: The Cultist Background


You are led down a spiralling stone staircase, far beneath the unassuming house near the outside of the village. Your eyes are covered, and you have to grasp the shoulder of the masked Gatekeeper as he leads you forward towards your fate. You are cold and tired, but in your heart anxiety wrestles with excitement.

There is the sound of a door opening and a rush of warm air, and you step forward. It shuts behind you with a soft click. Around you is the thick perfume of incense, and you feel hot flame on your face as the blindfold is taken from your eyes. Finally you behold the inner sanctum, the secret circle of power for higher initiates.

Finally you are being given the secret that binds your soul to the order.


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