Review: Easy Roller Dice

A good Wednesday to you RPC faithful! You like reviews don’t you? Of course you do. So here’s one about dice.

Mike over at Easy Roller Dice sent me an email asking if I could review some of their products and being very much like a hoarding dragon when it comes to dice, I gave a fervent yes. I hadn’t used their dice before this (I probably own ten or more sets of dice, and I’m betting they’re all Chessex) so I was pretty interested in seeing how they’d turn out.

The set I requested in particular were these Ivory dice, a 10 dice set that comes with 4d6, which I thought was pretty novel and useful for being able to roll up a character using one set. I like sparklies, and the picture was quite sparkly, so I wanted them.


And lo, were they ever sparkly. I was quite impressed with them, they are well made and pretty.

They also sent along some other sets. Two 7 dice sets (Emerald Swirl and Orange and Grey, both of which are gorgeous) which came in nifty velvet dice bags (which are lined, upping the fancy factor), as well as a larger dice bag that contained like six other dice sets. Also with all that came this monstrous dice bag  Pictures of it below. It’s reversible!


It’s a free standing bag and easily fit all of the dice sent over for review. I love this bag, and it now houses all of my current complete sets of dice. If a player ever forgets theirs, all I need do is swing it at their head for 1d12 bludgeoning damage.

We took the dice for a spin during our weekly session. We’re currently working our way through the Curse of Strahd. I had each player pick a set of the dice to use and asked their opinions of them later. A common one was how readable they were, especially the D10 with the 10’s digits. In the picture below I compare the Easy Roller d10 (on the right) with a chessex one (on the left).


Now, obviously color has some to do with it, but the nice big numbers on it are in my personal opinion much more readable. Overall it seemed the players enjoyed them.

Other comments I collected later on Hangouts were:

Some were pretty. I liked that James’s were easy to read.
I kind of like the d4’s, too.
Roll well, feel nice. Nice numbering. Mine were very easy to read.
I rather liked them. No glaring dislike and as has been stated very easy to read even with the multi colored ones.
really liked mine
-Bob Chaotic Evil Fargus

Unfortunately, the ivory set might be TOO good. My poor players had to contend with barbarians, druids, and blights last night and they quite regularly had to contend with enemies getting high initiative rolls and even a few criticals (as well as my cackling). My rolls tend to trend poorly, so I believe this set will become my regular DMing set.

Overall we all liked the dice, and I let the other players keep the set they chose to run with. The bags especially I like, they’re made of a nice material and with the lining are quite sturdy and just look fancy. If you’re looking to purchase some dice, I feel perfectly justified in recommending the Easy Roller Dice Co. The product is nice, but the people that make up the small company also seem like good down to earth gamers.

(Their blog here, and their About Us here.)

Anyway, that’s it for this review. Sometime within the next week you’ll be in for a treat as I release my follow up to As Above, So Below: The Cultist Background with a complete set of plug-and-play cults for DMs. Stay tuned, and happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “Review: Easy Roller Dice

  1. It looks awesome, I can’t see the price for the dices anywhere? Do they ship just in USA or somewhere else too? This might actually be a reason for my group to re-assemble 😀 Guys told me that they got sick of playing paper RPG’s, one of them said literally that life is best rpg and that was the end of my group. Maybe I will buy them those dices to make them come back 🙂


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