Factions: The Gilded Lyceum

The next part of the Role Play Craft Factions series will be focusing on the quintessential wizard’s academy. Like the knighthood featured last time, this should very easily be re-fluffed to represent any sort of magical place of learning or group of learned magic-users.


The Gilded Lyceum

The city of Bridgetown is an old dwarven fortress that spans like a heavily fortified bridge over a large chasm in the Northern Arm, a mountain range that separates the northern marches of Rhoenia from the great northern land called The Great Taiga. The city is built atop the old fortress, and even worms its way down into it. It is a maze of a city of many levels, and is separated roughly into “quarters”. One such quarter is home to the mage’s university, called the Gilded Lyceum, or simply the Lyceum.

The Gilded Lyceum has a long and storied history. The founder of the university is also one of the founders of the city, an adventurer from days when Rhoenia was a collection of petty kingdoms ruled over by recent ancestors of chieftains who came out of the east and still made war against the Kellsh in the west.

Bridgetown was founded by this group of five wealthy adventurers who had cleared out a huge warband of pechtish goblins and named it a free city, away from the war and disparate nobility of what would become Rhoenia and the Kellmark. They put into place a council of five, each in charge of one section of the city, with each of them being on the first council. Thus it has remained to this day.

Hrolod the Purple was the founder of the Purple Quarter, and the founder of the Lyceum. A human wizard of very humble birth, his parents were swineherds on the foothills south of Trobal’brae, he had come into great power and sagacious knowledge. Ever wanting to spread his knowledge, and delighting in the act of teaching itself, the Gilded Lyceum was open to any of even the most novice in the art of magical practices, and remains so to this day.

Today it is customary for the Master of the Lyceum (currently a half elf named Matthias) to sit the city council as the representative for the Purple Quarter. The Lyceum charges no entry fee, however those who wish to learn within its halls all must work to maintain it, whether this means cleaning, cooking, gardening, or performing magical work for the city.

Joining this Faction

Anyone who can prove any sort of skill with magic, even the most humble of cantrips, is admitted into the Lyceum as a student upon request. If you gain enough renown to reach rank 1 with this faction, and you have magical abilities of any sort, they will send you a formal invitation, even if your abilities come from a Divine source rather than an Arcane one.

You do not have to be a student or member of the Lyceum to gain renown within this faction, however you cannot exceed rank 3 if you are not.

Upon Level 5 you are considered no longer student, but a Journeyman who can teach others or spread the knowledge of the Gilded Lyceum to others beyond the city.

Upon level 10 you are considered a Master, though of this title there are various levels.

Gaining Renown

The tasks and quests that the Gilded Lyceum generally ask of adventurers involve the keeping and teaching of lore and magic. Such tasks might be the retrieval of objects of either a magical or historical nature, the collecting of specimens, the defense of a travelling teacher, or the defense of the Lyceum or Bridgetown itself. Completing such tasks usually gain you 1-3 renown.

When you have enough renown, you will begin to gain ranks in the organization. These ranks represent the level of reputation and respect you have among those in the faction, and will give you access to certain privileges and amenities.

If a character steals or commits an act of violence against a member of the Lyceum (and they know about it), the character loses 1 rank with the faction immediately, including losing renown to the minimum level of renown needed to be of the new rank.
If a character kills a member of the Lyceum, they lose all ranks within the faction and drop to -1 rank. If they were already at 0 rank or lower, they are instead brought to -2 rank. If already at -2 rank, they are then at -3 rank.



Rank (Renown Needed/ Level required) Advantages and Privileges (or Disadvantages)


You are an enemy of the Lyceum. The members of this faction actively hunt for your character, either attempting to imprison you or outright slay you.


You are considered a hostile, and any member of the Lyceum that comes across you is likely to harass you or attempt to goad you using magic.


The magic-users do not trust you, and will refuse to interact with you until you go out of your way to attempt to appease them.


The Gilded Lyceum is neutral toward you, and might offer you work.


(Renown: 1/any level)

You may begin to add your numerical rank with this faction to any Charisma checks made that involve a member of this faction.

This faction’s quartermaster will sell you 1 level 1 scroll of any spell in the Wizard’s spell list a day for 100gp.

If you have any magical talent or the ability to cast spells of any level, you are given a formal invitation to join the Gilded Lyceum as a scholar. Doing so gains you the following benefits and responsibilities:

  • You are given special purple robes that are edged in gold patterns as well as your choice of a staff, wand or crystal orb.
  • You are given 1 level 1 scroll from Arcane spell list for free.
  • You are given permanent lodging in the Dormitory Tower.
  • Staying at the Lyceum during downtime provides you with the moderate lifestyle every day for free.
  • Members of the Lyceum will identify the magical properties of magic items for free.
  • You are bound to the Lyceum and must do any tasks asked of you. As an adventurer, these will most likely be quests rather than mundane housework. Refusal of doing tasks will result in you losing a rank in the order (as well as having your renown reduced to the minimum needed to be of the new rank). Going below rank 1 will result in you being kicked out of the Gilded Lyceum.
  • You gain the benefits of the first 3 ranks of this faction, but must gain renown as normal to ascend beyond rank 3.


(Renown 3/any level)

You gain access to services that can identify the properties of magical items for you at the cost of 10gp per item.

You are invited to use the guest tower for lodging anytime you are in the city, though only for a week at a time.

You are given access to their grand library, with an escort. Any Arcana, History, or Nature checks made here during the course of research are made at advantage.


(Renown: 10/Level: 5)

The potions master of the Lyceum will provide you with 1 free potion every week for each rank you are of this faction from the following list: potion of healing, alchemist’s fire, potion of waterbreathing

The potions master will also sell you 2 potions a day of Uncommon rarity or lower, using half the maximum price for that rarity as noted in the DMG (pg.135).

You gain access to the orders master trainers. They can train you in any normal language as well as draconic. They can also teach you proficiency in Alchemist’s Supplies an Calligrapher’s supplies. (When using a master trainer, the fee per day is tripled, 1 day of downtime spent training counts as 2, and training for 10 days straight grants you 1 bonus day worth of training at the end.)

A character that is not a member of this faction cannot gain any more ranks beyond 3.



(Renown: 25/Level: 11)

You are given a +2 version of your spell focus.

You are given a private room in the Master’s Tower with a magical lock.

You can at any time request an apprentice. This NPC will be your follower until such time that you send her back to the Lyceum or she gains enough experience to ascend from being an apprentice (Level 5). This NPC is a Level 3 Wizard of any school of your choice, and uses the Standard Array for her ability scores. You can only have up to 3 apprentices at once.


(Renown: 50/Level: 17)

In reward for your exemplary service to the Gilded Lyceum, the Master of the university will grant you a boon. The boon can be of the following:

  • 1 Rare Magic Item of your choice (The DM may veto any item that the Lyceum could not have in its possession.)
  • An empty tower with the Purple Quarter as your personal property. It has a full Alchemist’s facility, which grants advantage on rolls using Alchemist’s Supplies. You can hire servants to work in the tower for 1gp a day to be paid every 30 days.
  • A spellbook containing all of the spells of the Archmage NPC’s prepared spell list.

You are also on the Lyceum’s council as a special advisor, and might be elected by the council to serve as Master at the college if they are persuaded by your further prowess.

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