Holiday Game Cards for your Players

Have you thought about giving your players a small gift to celebrate the yule holiday? This post will give you an idea that I utilized that I think you might like. What you’ll need is a printer, some print-capable card stock, and Avery (or similar) business card paper for your printer. Also some sort of PDF reader!

The central part of this gift idea are a small set of cards you can print out and give to your players. These cards can be turned in to you, the DM, in exchange for a small effect. There are also trinket cards that are small magical items with no hard mechanics but which might be utilized in creative ways. (The PDFs of these cards are near the bottom of this post.)

An example card.

I put these cards in small envelopes my wife made from styled card stock.  I gave them out with the caveat of only allowing one effect card per session. Best part about that is you can turn around and give them back next Christmas!

I used the Avery website to design the cards, inserting public domain clip art into them. For the back of the cards the wonderful Akeisha Roberts put together a D&D ampersand with a Santa hat, for which I am eternally grateful.

Totally awesome back design.

In addition to the decks, I also put together some small treasure chests from a template I found online. The template can be found here, but there are a lot of different templates you can find on the internet. A glue-stick and scissors are all you need for this part.

I really liked the styling of this one. It had a sea/nautical theme, which fit with my current Al-Qadim campaign, as they’ve spent a good amount of time on the ocean.

Inside the chest I put a small toy dragon, a metal d20, and some candy. The metal d20s I purchased here. They’re a lot heavier than I thought they’d be!

Hi-chews were my candy of choice. After filling up the chests with the goodies, I simply presented them on top of the card envelopes and voila, a small role-play themed gift for my players.

Remember to check for traps!

If you’d like to use the cards I designed, you can download the following PDF files. There are six effect cards and a sheet of random trinkets. If you’re feeling creative, go to the Avery website and design your own! I made personalized magic item gifts for my players as well; a Level 5 gift and a Level 10 gift for them to receive at those levels. (I forgot they were already level 5 so they got that one right off.)

An example magic item gift.

The magic item gifts I didn’t include in the downloads, as those are personalized to the player’s characters.

Anyway, here’s the PDF files of the cards. They are made for Avery business card stock, product 5871 but should work with any similar products of the same size (2 x 3 1/2 inch).

I think my players enjoyed the little RPG gift. The cards will prove useful in my campaign, which is taking a turn for the hard, and it’s always fun to open a chest with treasure inside.

Let me know what you think, or if you’ve decided to use these cards. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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