Gearing up for NaNoWriMo


So next month is going to be National Novel Writing Month, which I have posted about earlier. This is going to be a very busy month for me, as I attempt to write a mystery novel set in a fantasy-medieval setting. I haven’t achieved the 50k goal since 2013, and I’ve never actually finished a novel even having reached that amount. This year I am going to attempt to do both: try to hit 50k and try to end the novel around that point.

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo please add me as a buddy, my username is Number1TheLarch. Challenge me to some writing sprints, or just share your ideas with me and I will do the same.

I like gathering a bunch of helpful links and programs before Nano, it helps me to be more productive. I thought I’d share my favorite ones with you, and if anyone has anything they’d like to share please feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll add them.

Noisli (browser) – This is an ambiance creation tool with different noises and sounds you can combine to help you either relax or get productive. I use it to help filter out the outside world when loud music won’t cut it.

Rainy Mood (browser) – Like Noisli this creates an ambient atmosphere, but specifically rain based. I like to combine this with jazz to relax and get ready to write.

WriterPlus (android) – This is the best word processor for mobile/tablets that I’ve come across. Not as feature-heavy as Scrivener, but it has enough organizational utility to help me keep track. Since I’ll be typing on a tablet mostly this year, this’ll be my main tool instead of scrivener or google docs.

Scrivener (PC/Mac/ios) – You’ve probably heard of this but just in case, this is a feature heavy word processing program with a huge amount of organizational utility. Allowing you to divide up your manuscript how you want and to spit out a meta-document as well as providing a virtual corkboard and tagging. There’s a tutorial built in because it can be a bear to learn how to use, but a lot of people find it worth it. However, some may find it distracting and prefer something simpler to just get words out.

NaNoWriMon (browser) – If you want one of those Pokemon word-count trackers here they are.

Write or Die (browser/ios) – If anxiety helps you be productive, this might be for you. It provides visual and audio consequences for hesitating while writing. The new version also provides positive reinforcement with the negative reinforcement in a bit of a carrot/stick approach. It has helped me on those days where the writer’s block was just too much.

Kitten Cam (browser) – If you need a distraction, I find this one works very well.

I am going to attempt to also maintain my weekly blog posts through NaNoWriMo as well, but we’ll see how well that goes! As promised last week, the next post will be an update to my Automaton race, followed by the continuation of my Using Skills series. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after Using Skills is over. I’m thinking about setting up a different series for each of the four weeks of a month. If you have any suggestions in that vein, feel free to post them as well. Anyway, see you next week!

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