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One thing I’ve always liked are critical hit and injuries tables. Generally they swing toward the severe or the superfluous too easily, and the one in the Dungeon Master’s guide for 5th edition has this same swingy problem. The first four or so injuries are major, losing a foot or an eye, then they immediately become easy to solve with a simple cure wounds spell.

As part of a larger secret project I’ve been working on (thus my absence from blogging, as you may have noticed), I started working on these injury tables. They use the Injury Table from the DMG as a starting point but smooths the  abrupt severity quite nicely I believe.

My philosophy going into these tables was A) I wanted magical healing to not be an immediate cancelling of an injury, and B) I wanted the Healer’s Kit to be more prominently used. Many of these injuries require ministration and surgery with a healer’s kit to heal, or else magical healing of a higher level than 1.

This is still very much a first pass and is, as yet, not playtested. It will be included in the larger project I am working on, however, and hopefully will see plenty of play by the time that project comes to fruition in some way.

Anyway, to make sure you know I’m not dead, here’s a bit of content. Enjoy!

Role Play Craft Presents: Injuries

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