East, to the Holy Mountain

Fair warning: this post is very rambling, going in every which direction. This is because I’m coming up with ideas while talking about my inspirations as I write. Hopefully it’s not too weird.

I like to consider myself a writer, however amateurish I might be. I write a lot of stuff that never sees the light of day, I participate yearly in “NaNoWriMo“, and I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the basics of cultivating creativity. What I need to work is the back-end stuff. The finishing, the editing, the taking that creativity and turning it into something worthwhile.

One of the biggest fonts for creativity for me is music. We are all affected by music emotionally, and that definitely feeds into my creativity. When I am writing, I am almost always doing so with music playing. Usually this music is Metal, Rock, or some variation of Folk music, which I think provides such a wide range of ideas and emotions.

Another source of inspiration that I draw from frequently is mythology, folklore, and spirituality. I’m sure this has been pretty evident from anyone that has read this blog for a while.

Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about this is because recently I’ve been fomenting different things in my brain pan in order to come up with an adventure I’d like to write that would be a little bit different from other things I’ve done. At its core would be the Holy Mountain, a symbolic stand in for the sacred places, paths, and goals of mysticism, esoteric philosophies, and religions all over the world. Much of the inspiration and the blueprint will be based on pilgrimages and sacred journeys. I want to couple this with the symbolic ideas behind a lot of metal and other music that I enjoy. I’d like to write an adventure that draws its ideas out of both mysticism and that emotional rush and adrenaline that I get from heavier music.

This post will essentially be me talking about this adventure I’d like to write. Feel free to take the ideas and run with them. Hopefully I will have the actual adventure written sometime this year. I’m actually going to be using NaNoWriMo as a “rebel” this november, spending the 50,000 word count exclusively on my blog. I’m hoping a good chunk of that will be on this adventure.



East to the Holy Mountain

An Adventure Idea

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The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’Brae and the Fenglennarry Highlands, Part III

Here it is! The third and final part of this setting module about Hill Dwarves. I hope I’ve given you something to work with, maybe helping you make Hill Dwarves a little more than the boring cousins of Mountain Dwarves.

This section will detail the Northern Taiga, that wild land north of the Fenglennary Highlands. The focus of this post will be adventure ideas and lore. Please enjoy!



(Snowy Forest – Andreas Achenbach)

The Northern Taiga

North of the Fenglennary Highlands

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The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’Brae and the Fenglennarry Highlands, Part II

Finally! I’ve struggled through this post due to some writer’s block, but here it is. First, however, if you don’t mind clicking here and voting on that poll, I’d be appreciative. That is the first post I’ve ever done on the blog, and I still look to that poll to lead the content. So if you haven’t voted on what you’d like to see, please do so!

In this second part, I will go into detail about the Hill Dwarf town of Trobal’Brae and the people and places you can find within.

These two posts together should provide you with a good setting springboard for an adventure or two, or as a place to stick somewhere in your hex crawl. As always, feedback and suggestions are not only welcome but urged.

The third and final post will focus on the northern wilds, called The Taiga, expanding on the adventure oppurtunities.




What is there to say about the Trobal’brae? Everything’s muddy; the streets, the dogs, the dwarves, even the ale. I suppose it’s also home.

-Gwil Goldensong, King of the Fenglennarry Highlands

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The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’Brae and the Fenglennarry Highlands, Part I

Tales abound of the staunch and heroic mountain dwarves, and of the vile schemes of the shadowy deep dwarves. But of the hill dwarves, there seems to be little to tell. The most humble of the dwarven tribes, civilizations, or subraces, they seem to fit seamlessly into human and halfling society.

Those that look, however, will find that there are some things to tell after all.

This first part will detail the Hill Dwarves of the Fenglennarry Highlands as well as the Highlands themselves. The second part will detail the town of Trobal’brae as well as mention locations near the highlands, like the northern taiga.

Trobal’brae is a town for use in your campaign, centered on a Hill Dwarf society. My goal with the town and it’s surroundings is to be easily slipped into a campaign, or plopped down somewhere in a hexcrawl. While not containing any sort of complete adventures, it will provide you with a good amount of adventure seeds and NPCs to get your own ball rolling.

The idea for this setting module actually comes from a campaign that I am a part of that my group plays off and on, in which all of the PCs are Dwarven Kings. It was an ‘epic’ level campaign, and my particular King was actually a bard. Sort of the odd man out, his kingdom was a small highland region of hill dwarves. I’ve enjoyed playing him, so in a way this is sort of an ode to that character. I sort of just lifted the kingdom out of our home world (Taern) and detailed it more thoroughly, so that you might use it.

(As an aside, I was recently invited on the podcast Warmachine V. Warhorse to discuss dark fairy tales and to insult the hosts. It’s a good podcast featuring comparative reviews of movies. The episode I was in (the only important one) can be found here.)




The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’brae and the Fenglennary Highlands

A highland region of hill dwarfs for use in your role playing campaign.

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Ghartha, the Tomb-World IV (and Collaboration!)

Firstly, apologies for my lateness on this post. I’ve had to transfer to a different work location as my old one has closed down, and I had to help close it, so time became very scarce in the last week or so. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent now that I’ve settled. We’ll see.

I divine one more post about Ghartha after this one, and I invite you to collaborate on this post with me! I’ll be listing some adventure locations, and if you’re inspired to write one in the comments I’ll add it to list!

I’m really excited about this setting and may use it as my main Dungeons and Dragons Next setting come August, or at least as one of them. After the last post of Ghartha, I’ll be working on an update of my Airship Rules, unifying them into a single post and simplifying the mechanics for better ease of use as well as offering more options for designs and stuff. Sound fun?


Ghartha, The Tomb-World IV

Adventuring in the Tomb-World

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Wine for Idleberry II

This is a continuation of the preceding post, Wine for Idleberry Part I. In this adventure, the party is hired and sent north by Lord Ramsus of Idleberry, a minor fiefdom. Their quest is to retrieve any casks of Kellitesian Wine that might be in the ruins of an ancient fort that lies in the Skywhite Mountain Pass.  Part I detailed Oak Hill, a town on the way, as well as the surrounding moors. This part II will detail the ruins of Skywhite Pass.

Adventure: Wine for Idleberry, Part II

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Wine for Idleberry I

This post is my attempt at making a more free form sort of adventure, something that needs to be taken and adapted to whatever system you’re using. Rather than being linear, the focus is on exploration, or having the players act on their own, besides the initial push of putting them on the road north through Oak Hill. This will be a two part post, with the first post detailing Oak Hill and the moorlands of the region. The second post will detail Skywhite Pass and the ruins, though the players may end up going to the ruins straight away, so the two posts aren’t necessarily sequential.

This adventure is pretty simple. I didn’t want to overthink it, or over detail it, wanting instead to practice making something a little more freeform than what I’ve done before with posts on here. You’ll also note that I’ve avoided using ‘boxed text’ or speak a loud text. While I love this text, again I wanted to experiment a bit outside my comfort zone. Also, there’s no maps, as usual.

(Quick note: I’m still working on a discussion post about magic, but it’s taking me awhile, so I took a break to write this. Also, consider contributing to The Greenwheel Carnival post!)

In the minor fiefdom Idleberry, Lord Ramsus is a seeker of rare wines and spirits. He will often find willing hirelings to seek out and deliver to him such treasures as he can find information or rumor of. In this adventure, he has hired out the party of PC’s to travel north, through the town of Oak Hill, to the ruins of an old fort in Skywhite Pass on the very small chance that somewhere within the ruins might be some unbroken casks or bottles of Kellitesian Wine, left over from the centuries dead kingdom of Hertos.

Oak Hill itself, however, has problems of its own, and the ruins aren’t exactly unoccupied…


Wine for Idleberry, Part I

A System Neutral Role Playing Adventure

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Bridgetown II: Adventure Ideas

I originally had something else planned for this post, but decided it might be fun to expand on Bridgetown a little bit with some quick adventure ideas. These aren’t complete adventures, mind you. They’re just hooks and suggestions that are a little bit more substantial than the small list in the first post. If you like Bridgetown and you want some adventuring ideas, read on!

Adventures in Bridgetown


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Bridgetown I

For this post, I’d like to present to you a setting I was using for an early version of the Dungeons and Dragons Next beta test. It was a city that served multiple purposes: it was a base for the characters, it was the hub in which they received quests, and it was also the place where many of the adventures and quests took place. It was a large part of the sessions.

When I make cities and other places for role playing game I try to think first about history. I really want to try to make them feel as if they’re not there for the characters to play around in; it is a  living breathing place that could exist whether the PCs do or not. Thinking about the history and the characters of the setting, even if the players are not likely to run into some of it, goes a long way in solidifying it’s place in your game and world.

This post is going to be a bit more detailed and fleshed out than the setting appeared in my sessions, we only ran two or three at that particular point in time and I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to put in the setting. As stated before, I have no map. I have not the skill nor the software. Hopefully it is clear enough for you to analog.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


A setting for use in your campaign world.


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Maiden, Mother, and Crone III

This is the last part of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone series. It will present a small adventure that will utilize the first two parts to be a complete package. This will probably be the longest post, as I want it to be as complete an adventure as possible. I thank you in advance for reading this series, as I’ve had a lot of fun writing it. So, without further ado, part 3…

two mushrooms

The Three Wise Women of Haethorn Wood I

An adventure for 4 level 1 characters.

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