The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’Brae and the Fenglennarry Highlands, Part II

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In this second part, I will go into detail about the Hill Dwarf town of Trobal’Brae and the people and places you can find within.

These two posts together should provide you with a good setting springboard for an adventure or two, or as a place to stick somewhere in your hex crawl. As always, feedback and suggestions are not only welcome but urged.

The third and final post will focus on the northern wilds, called The Taiga, expanding on the adventure oppurtunities.




What is there to say about the Trobal’brae? Everything’s muddy; the streets, the dogs, the dwarves, even the ale. I suppose it’s also home.

-Gwil Goldensong, King of the Fenglennarry Highlands

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The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’Brae and the Fenglennarry Highlands, Part I

Tales abound of the staunch and heroic mountain dwarves, and of the vile schemes of the shadowy deep dwarves. But of the hill dwarves, there seems to be little to tell. The most humble of the dwarven tribes, civilizations, or subraces, they seem to fit seamlessly into human and halfling society.

Those that look, however, will find that there are some things to tell after all.

This first part will detail the Hill Dwarves of the Fenglennarry Highlands as well as the Highlands themselves. The second part will detail the town of Trobal’brae as well as mention locations near the highlands, like the northern taiga.

Trobal’brae is a town for use in your campaign, centered on a Hill Dwarf society. My goal with the town and it’s surroundings is to be easily slipped into a campaign, or plopped down somewhere in a hexcrawl. While not containing any sort of complete adventures, it will provide you with a good amount of adventure seeds and NPCs to get your own ball rolling.

The idea for this setting module actually comes from a campaign that I am a part of that my group plays off and on, in which all of the PCs are Dwarven Kings. It was an ‘epic’ level campaign, and my particular King was actually a bard. Sort of the odd man out, his kingdom was a small highland region of hill dwarves. I’ve enjoyed playing him, so in a way this is sort of an ode to that character. I sort of just lifted the kingdom out of our home world (Taern) and detailed it more thoroughly, so that you might use it.

(As an aside, I was recently invited on the podcast Warmachine V. Warhorse to discuss dark fairy tales and to insult the hosts. It’s a good podcast featuring comparative reviews of movies. The episode I was in (the only important one) can be found here.)




The Hill Dwarves of Trobal’brae and the Fenglennary Highlands

A highland region of hill dwarfs for use in your role playing campaign.

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Maiden, Mother, and Crone III

This is the last part of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone series. It will present a small adventure that will utilize the first two parts to be a complete package. This will probably be the longest post, as I want it to be as complete an adventure as possible. I thank you in advance for reading this series, as I’ve had a lot of fun writing it. So, without further ado, part 3…

two mushrooms

The Three Wise Women of Haethorn Wood I

An adventure for 4 level 1 characters.

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Maiden, Mother, and Crone II


In this, part 2 of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone series, I present to you an encounter setting for you to plug in to your ongoing campaign, or to use as a starting place for a new campaign. It will provide you with a setting, but not a plot. (There will be a plot, however, in Part 3, which will be a more complete Adventure Idea). Use this how you see fit, or change it. My true wish is that it drives your own creativity. Read Part 1 if you haven’t or this might not make much sense.

So I present to you, Part 2! Read on.

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Maiden, Mother, and Crone I

(inspired by myth, tale, and metal)

WiseWoman maiden mother crone

A few of the things that inspire me when I create story lines and NPCs for role playing games are mythology, fairy tales, and knight stories. I love trying to bring that mystery and whimsy to the table, trying to really make the game feel like a fantasy.

So, in that context, here is part One of a three part series- NPC and Adventure Ideas: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Enjoy.

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