Factions: The Knights of the Towerwatch

There are a few things in D&D Fifth Edition which I feel could be expanded upon to great effect. One of these is Downtime (which I have attempted to expand on here), and another is Factions.

In the base D&D rulebooks, factions are a bit of an abstract. In Organized Play they are a bit more structured, but even then gaining reputation within the faction is a linear process that happens automatically as you play in the Adventurer’s League rather than being an entity in the world that you can choose to interact with (or not) for mutual benefit.

This rules module attempts to expand this idea by presenting an example faction, the Knights of the Towerwatch, that as the PCs gain renown with various privileges and amenities are unlocked. However, this goes both ways, and the PCs can get negative ranks with this faction, which could cause some complications for the PCs. This faction could be easily renamed for use in your world.

Eventually I would like to come up with multiple factions that are a bit archetypal (a knighthood, a thieves’ guild, a mage university, etc.) so that players could take those and shape them to their world with minimal effort.



The Knights of the Towerwatch

(pdf coming soon)

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Downtime Expanded

In this module, I decided to try and come up with some rules that will allow PCs to both make money, and spend it. It showcases four tweaks I’ve made to the Downtime system of D&D, a system I am quite infatuated with.

Like much of what I make, this hasn’t been playtested much! I wish I could spend a lot of my time playing and testing RPGs, but a full time job makes this impossible. So I’ll pass my unpolished stones onto you in the hopes that you find something worth keeping.

The PDF version of this module is here.


Downtime Expanded

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Party Backgrounds

One of the things that has me most excited about Dungeons and Dragons Next is the concept of rule modules, which lay on top of the basic game to add something to it based on the tastes of a particular group. Because of my love of creating new material for role playing games, you could say that I have an interest in seeing this in action.

Not being a patient person by any means, I’ve decided to try my hand at a sort of “rules module” that could be utilized in the Next beta and hopefully in the released version of the game. I also believe these could easily be used in other editions of DnD very easily.

This rules module is based on taking the Backgrounds a bit further. During character creation, this module allows the players to choose a background for their party as a whole. This has the benefit of creating a narrative right at the beginning of the game, giving the group a sort of cohesion and motivation to work together without too much DM pushing, and gives the players some neat things to play around with. Because of their nature, the backgrounds here don’t need to be balanced very hard against one another as the one background will affect all players equally.

Anyway, here’s the module. Enjoy!

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The Craft of Role Playing

Hello, my name is Patrick McGill and I love role playing games. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I most certainly am a fanatic.

My favorite part of the role playing hobby is the act of creation, generally as the GM (or DM). I’ve always loved creating my own content, whether it is the usual home-made campaign worlds and settings or optional rules and systems.  So I created this blog with the purpose of publishing some of the content I’ve created.

This isn’t to say that this stuff is professional. A lot of it will probably be half-baked. To my detriment, I can’t create art of any sort so it’ll all be delivered via text. I hope people find some use from some of it, however. At least to get their own creative juices going!

The main motivation behind this blog is in fact Dungeons & Dragons Next. I’ve played the beta and am very excited for the tone of the game as well as the ease with which you’ll be able to add your own content to the game. So a lot of what I put here will be with it in mind, though it should all be easily compatible with whatever system you use because for the most part I will avoid numbers.

I will also use this blog to review other role playing games or to discuss them in general, though this will be it’s secondary purpose.

So for starters, I’d like you to take part in a poll about what you’d like to see.